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This first generation of tablet computers is touch based. There are going to be a few out there soon with enhanced note taking abilties. Asus will have their note taking tablet in late 2010/2011. The need is growing for a quality tablet stylus. You can use a tablet stylus on any touch screen device so you can get a lot of use out of your purchase.

There are a couple reasons why you may consider a tablet stylus initially. Perhaps you are in a climate where it’s cold and you wear gloves. If you want to access and use your tablet in those situations, a tablet stylus will save you hassles. Perhaps you’ve had your nails done and don’t want to start tapping away on your tablet. Again, a very legitimate reason for using a tablet stylus pen. Another reason a lot of people want a tablet stylus is because they don’t want finger prints all over their tablet screen.

Like with most things in life, if you buy cheap you will get cheap. A big part of a tablet stylus is feel and build quality. A good quality clip on the stylus pen is important because that clip will be used all the time. If that clip breaks, you might as well throw the stylus into the garbage. If you are a business person, you want something professional looking.

Here are a few tablet stylus images showing some of the more popular pens out on the market today.








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