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A tablet sleeve is a great solution for tablet case for a couple reasons. Firstly, a tablet sleeve is made of neoprene which is the same material as wet suits. This means most importantly it’s waterproof. Living in a wet climate? It’s good to have a tablet sleeve as a secondary case just for those days when it’s looking like rain outside. The next benefit to a tablet sleeve is that it actually protects your tablet from damage if you drop it. The material in a tablet sleeve is thick and rubber like. Lastly, a tablet sleeve will give a very slim profile. The surface is smooth so it will easy slide into tight space like a handbag or larger bag. Oh, let us not forget that you can get some great colors like pink! The only downside to a tablet sleeve is that there is no handle generally. It means your tablet will be going into another bag or it will be going under your arm or in your hand. Neoprene can be a little bit slick, but with the light weight of a tablet, dropping out of hand shouldn’t really be a huge concern. It’s just something you need to think about before you buy.

Current Available Tablet Sleeve Products:

We did say that tablet sleeves feature some amazing colors!

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