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It might be a bit confusing when thinking about what exactly is a tablet dock. If you’re from the iPod school, you automatically think a chargering dock that has speakers. Sure a tablet dock is also a place to keep your tablet where it’s still funtional while being charged. So in that sense, a tablet dock is much more than a tablet stand. Everyone will want a tablet stand in a lot of areas around the home, but since a tablet dock is more functional and more expensive, placement is a bit more important. That pretty much covers what the conventional tablet dock would be used for. But we aren’t finished!

Beyond the traditional tablet dock, there are tablet keyboard dock accessories. This is where your shopping needs to be thourough. We all know from past experienences that all keyboards are not built alike. We have a specific tablet keyboard section on our site, but a lot of people want a keyboard/dock combo. Ultimately a tablet keyboard dock is the most useful to have at a work desk for obvious reasons. While you’re waiting for a meeting or a commute, you can be productive while your tablet is being charged.


Photo of a traditional tablet dock

tablet dock


Photo of a traditional tablet keyboard dock

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We are passionate about technology, especially when it comes to tablets. In our experience, tablets are far more accessory friendly than a lot of other devices out there. It's hard to consider buying a tablet without a case that can provide various different positions. The fact is accessories can greatly increase you enjoyment of your tablet or iPad.


The main tablet accessory is obviously going to be cases and covers. We will try and provide you with reviews, photos and details on what's available for the popular models of tablets. There is a LOT of selection out there and part of our goal is to make your shopping experience less cumbersome and more enjoyable.


Tablet accessories are far more than just cases. We will provide you with buying guides for other products which are worth your consideration and hard earned money.


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