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Sure tablets have pretty amazing battery life. The fact is though, we are all pretty dependent on having our tablet when we need it. What’s worse than being somewhere with a tablet that is completely dead? A tablet car charger is really one of those must have tablet accessories. There will just be times when you need to power your tablet or do a charge while you’re on a road trip or even out somewhere camping. Yes, people like to bring their tablet camping because sometime it’s fun watching movies while camping! There is no shame in that! The fact is a tablet car charger will cost you about 10 bucks or less so there is no reason not to own one!

The most important aspect or factor when buying a tablet charger is ensuring compatability with your tablet. Sometimes chargers and brands can have wacky and confusing requirements and frankly you don’t want to make a mistake. A wrong charger can fry electronics so be careful when shopping for cheap tablet chargers.

Tablet chargers can also come in the form of a tablet stand. So you get two for one essentially. Charge your tablet while you can still use it. These tablet charger stands are more expensive but there is something to be said for charging your tablet and still being able to enjoy it.

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Here is a photo of a dock style tablet charger.




We are passionate about technology, especially when it comes to tablets. In our experience, tablets are far more accessory friendly than a lot of other devices out there. It's hard to consider buying a tablet without a case that can provide various different positions. The fact is accessories can greatly increase you enjoyment of your tablet or iPad.


The main tablet accessory is obviously going to be cases and covers. We will try and provide you with reviews, photos and details on what's available for the popular models of tablets. There is a LOT of selection out there and part of our goal is to make your shopping experience less cumbersome and more enjoyable.


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