Tablet Batteries

Tablet Batteries

Update March 30, 2011 – Although the current crop of tablets do not have removable batteries, there is one major tablet player named Toshiba that will have tablets with removable tablet batteries. We hope that it’s a trend because tablet batteries give you the opportunity to upgrade into something longer lasting, albeit slightly heavier. Stay tuned for more tablet batteries updates!

This is not currently a popular tablet accessory. It makes sense really. Tablet computers are a new platform and all the batteries on those tablets are new. They aren’t going to be running out of charging power for months. We’re okay with that. What we aren’t really seeing are tablet batteries in the laptop sense. You know with batteries in laptops they slide out easily. There are many different confiurations and battery power. Will we see the same in the tablet batteries? Possibly. Something like the iPad doesn’t have that simple to snap to remove and snap to install batteries. Designs change over time and nothing would surprise me when it comes to tablet batteries. We will update this section over time as the tablet battery segment takes shape. I think it’s safe to say that tablet batteries are simply not enough in demand. Please check back!

Update: Couple things worth mentioning here. It appears that a lot of the tablets hitting the market will be enclosed. That means tablet batteries aren’t exactly going to be a high demand item. That said, the Notion Ink Adam may very well have a swappable battery. There is hope yet for tablet batteries! Also, with the Apple iPad tablet being the obvious #1 seller out there, we need to inform you of this. If you’re iPad battery do not hold it charge like it once did, Apple has a “battery replacement program” which asks you to send your iPad back to Apple for a replacement unit. You pay about $99 for the replacement. In other words, you aren’t going to be seeing iPad replacement batteries coming to market any time soon. Check out the official Apple page here.



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