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iPad Pro Case and Cover Buying Guide

You know that Apple is always moving forward and beyond the expected. The iPad Pro is expected to be unveiled next week and along with it’s larger 12-inch size, we’re expecting some very new and innovative case and cover products to follow.

As is expected, this will be a business focused tablet from Apple. With the bigger size, we expect to see an impressive selection of official iPad covers, especially a keyboard case. If it’s for professionals, then typing is a must.

We don’t have full details just yet, but this post will be our focal point for all cases and covers for the brand new iPad Pro line-up. Stay tuned!

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Surface Power Cover – All you need to know

Call this the evolution of tablet covers. The official Microsoft cover for theĀ  newest Surface tablets has evolved. You can now get a cover that has an integrated battery which can book battery life by a whopping 70%. Not cheap, it will cost you $200 USD. Compatibility wise, it works with the following: Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, or Surface 2. Sorry this cover won’t work with the original MS Surface RT tablet. It will naturally add some bulk in weight with it being 0.4 inches thick and weighs about 1.1 pounds.


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Nexus 10 2013 Edition – Case and Cover Buying Guide

We’ve seen the leaks and now it’s clear the Google Nexus 10 is coming. Expect some type of release date information in the coming week with a release date likely in November 2013. Not too much is known yet, but it is expected to be manufactured by Asus this time. The first edition was made by Samsung. The 2013 Nexus 10 should keep similar sizing, but as with more new tablet releases, it’s going to require a set of specific accessories including fit specific cases and covers. We will list case options here as we learn more details.

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We wait for the Nexus 10 (2013) announcement!

It’s unclear what is happening with a new Nexus 10 tablet from Google. We’ve heard rumors about Asus being involved, but nothing lately. A mystery tablet, the TF502T from Asus has just been spotted. Is that the new 2013 Nexus 10? Perhaps. Google has been awfully quiet around an updated version. They are announcing a Nexus 5 smartphone likely in October, so will a new Nexus 10 be on the way? We hope so. We are chomping at the bit to add new accessories like cases and covers! Stay tuned!


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Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Case and Cover Buying Guide

Same as the 7-inch, but of course there may be a different variety of cases and covers available. The product just launched, so stay tuned for more!

Here is the $69 official Amazon case for the HDX 8.9.


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Kindle Fire HDX 7 Case and Covers Buying Guide

Amazon has just shown off some darn lovely new tablets. The new addition in the line-up is the Kindle Fire HDX. They come in 7-inch and 8.9-inch sizes. For the sake of clarity, we will make two separate posts. This is for the HDX 7, and we will make a separate post for the HDX 8.9. Different sizes means different cases ultimately.

Official Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 Origami Case

  • $64 leather case
  • $54 polyurethane
  • 3 colors – blue, red or black

case-kindle-fire-hdx-7-004 kindle-fire-hdx-7-origami-case-004 kindle-fire-hdx-7-origami-case-005 kindle-fire-hdx-7-case-004origami-case-kindle-fire-hdx

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Cases & Covers: Asus Transformer Pad TF701T

Asus just took the wraps off their latest and soon to be greatest Transformer tablet to date. The TF701T is a “next generation” Infinity tablet, although Asus is now calling this the “new” Transformer. No mention of “Infinity” so don’t be confused. It does appear that this tablet will be available in the coming weeks and Asus has already shown off the Transformer Pad TransCover. So far, that’s what we will list. The official first case/cover for the TF701T.

Official Asus TransCover Details:

  • Dual-stance cover shifts forms for better video watching and comfortable typing
  • Crystal hard-shell back cover extremely durable protection without sacrificing the great look of your ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity
  • Superior front cover textured durable microfiber interior and polyurethane exterior
  • Openings for all ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity ports
  • Flexible folding design and magnets for quick and secure attachment

Here are some photos:

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge


click image to enlarge

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Official Asus TriCover for Fonepad 7

We’ve seen a brand new advertisement for the new updated model of the Asus Fonepad. Within that video is a sample of the new TriCover, which they describe as being a “dual-stance cover for convenient reading and typing positions”. It’s available in black, white or orange.


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Nexus 7 (2013) Screen Protectors – Complete Guide

I’ve owned a few tablets and smartphones in the past couple of years. The one mandatory accessory, aside from a good case, is a screen protector. In fact I would put a screen protector in the top spot for importance. Although the screens on tablets are good quality and are “scratch resistant”, they can’t be 100% safe from scratches unfortunately. If you have kids, all the more reason for a protector.

So far, we’re seeing the official Asus screen protector available to buy. It’s listed at $17.95 US. Apparently it comes packaged with 2 protectors, one glossy and one matte. I don’t quite understand why the difference, but that’s what I’m reading in the description.

  • Two screen protectors in one packages: 1x Matte Screen Protector, 1x Glossy Screen Protector.
  • Includes 1x Squeegees and 1x Cleaning Cloth to help you apply the screen protector smoothly without bubbles
  • Proprietary technology to resist bubbles, glare, fingerprints and guards against scratches
  • 90% transparency clear screen protector keeps visuals bright and crisp; anti-glare protector eliminates glare without reducing touchscreen sensitivity
  • see more details on the official product page here


Although we see the Asus branded protector for now, expect to see products from the other main manufacturers like Zagg. We will list other options along with prices and reviews in the coming weeks as they become available.

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New Nexus 7 2013 (ME571) – Case / Cover Buying Guide

The new Nexus 7 is just a day away from an unveil. Although it’s 7-inch like the last generation, the fact is the tight fitting cases or covers are likely not to fit. If you prefer the rubber style cover, expect to see a fresh line-up of new accessories either on the Asus website or on the Google Play website. Right now we don’t have detail but this will be our “go to” page regarding what’s available and what to buy in terms of cases and covers for the 2nd generation Nexus 7. If the first generation accessories will fit, we will be sure to let you know. Just don’t get your hopes up because generally companies like to have fresh new accessories to make a bit more profit on these already tight profit margin devices.

Update: This will likely be known as simply Nexus 7 2013 edition. If you shopping for various accessories, keep that in mind!

Official Nexus 7 (2013) Travel Cover Case


If you’re buying a tablet, for sure you need a case or cover. It’s a standard purchase! Here is a picture of the official “Travel Cover” which costs around $12.50. One thing to consider with this case is that it’s very one dimensional. In other words you aren’t going to get multiple viewing angles or be able to fold it into different angles. Essentially this is a protective cover and that’s about it. See more details on the official product page here.

Hands-On Video Review:

Official Nexus 7 (2013) Premium Case Cover

The more usable case for the new Nexus 7 (2013) is the “premium cover” which is official and made by Asus. You can see from the design, that it can offer multiple viewing angles which is a key and important feature for a tablet.

  • Soft microfiber and durable polyurethane construction.
  • Features a folding-cover that can prop up the tablet like a stand.
  • Two positions – One to watch movies, one to type on the tablet.
  • Cut-outs and inserts tailored for all of Nexus 7 FHD’s camera, ports, and buttons.
  • Slim and sturdy design fully protects the Nexus 7 FHD front and back from everyday bumps and scratches.
  • Available in black and white.
  • see more details on the official Asus product page here.






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Cases for Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X

Asus has a nice selection of official case accessories for their budget MeMO HD 7 tablet. There are three different cases and each one has a slightly different style and feel.

VersaSleeve 7

This case is nicely designed and enables many different angles for the range of positions that you likely will want your ME173 to be held at. This is definitely a more professional look than the other 2 cases that Asus makes for the MeMO Pad HD 7. It’s made of soft-touch polyurethane and a microfiber interior.

The VersaSleeve 7 comes in the colors black, white, blue and pink. It’s going to hold your tablet nicely in a landscape position as you can see below.


Persona Cover

The Persona Cover for the MeMO Pad HD 7 is quite simplistic and doesn’t offer much in the way of functionality. It does provide protection, but it doesn’t provide the ability to hold your ME173 in different viewing positions. This is basically a cover, with no other uses aside from protection. It does come in the following colors: black, yellow green, and pink. It’s snug fitting, made of polymer, and won’t add any extra bulk.



The most versatile case for the MeMO Pad HD 7 is the TransCover. It offers the same slim profile and grip that the Persona Cover offers, but the TransCover allows you to fold the case to hold your tablet in various positions. Isn’t that what you really want in a case? It’s constructed of a polyurethane exterior and a microfiber interior. It makes use of magnets in the case so that it more easily snaps into position. It comes in the colors black, gray, blue or pink.



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Nexus 11 coming in 2013

Word has spread about an 11-inch Nexus tablet from Google. Call it the Nexus 11. This size will mean a whole new range of accessories and cases. We like that fact! From early reports, the Nexus 11 is going to be ultra powerful. Everyone is going to need a nice case to keep it safe! More details to come! More details on CNET.


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ipad hd cases

iPad HD Cases – Buying Guide and Deals

ipad hd cases

March 7, 2012 is the reveal date of a new Apple iPad. At this point it’s looking like the iPad HD is what it’s going to be called. Since we deal with tablet accessories, obviously that means a big focus on iPad accessories. The iPad HD is going to be something special and we are expecting a much bigger market of the iPad HD vs iPad 2. The new HD version should be something special and will probably result in a lot of iPad 1 owners in buying the new model.

So this post is all about the iPad HD cases. Right now we are speculating, but when news breaks on March 7, expect to see the full line-up of iPad HD cases. In fact in the iPad 2 came up with the smart cover so who know. Maybe Apple will also be unveiling their own updated case/cover of their own.

This page is going to be our buying guide for the range of available iPad HD cases. Expensive, cheap, colorful, plain, leather and every other kind you can think of. We’re just getting you informed about our intentions. We’ll have you covered when it comes to iPad HD cases!

Updates coming shortly!

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Toshiba Tablet Accessories – New Toshiba Excite Tablet Coming?

We may be adding a new Toshiba tablet accessories section to our site in the next month! The rumor is that Toshiba will release a new tablet named the Toshiba Excite. No details but possibly this week more information will be officially announced.

The point is that when or if there is a Toshiba Excite, we will list the best selling and full line-up of Toshiba Excite accessories. It may be a 7 inch tablet, but nobody knows for sure just yet. When the time comes we will have full details of the available accessories!

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We are passionate about technology, especially when it comes to tablets. In our experience, tablets are far more accessory friendly than a lot of other devices out there. It's hard to consider buying a tablet without a case that can provide various different positions. The fact is accessories can greatly increase you enjoyment of your tablet or iPad.


The main tablet accessory is obviously going to be cases and covers. We will try and provide you with reviews, photos and details on what's available for the popular models of tablets. There is a LOT of selection out there and part of our goal is to make your shopping experience less cumbersome and more enjoyable.


Tablet accessories are far more than just cases. We will provide you with buying guides for other products which are worth your consideration and hard earned money.


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