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Nexus 8 Case and Cover Options – Deals – Best Sellers

There has been a lot of discussion about Google’s Nexus 8. Will they or won’t they? It appears that yes, it’s time to consider some Nexus 8 case reviews and ideas. If indeed Google has taken the Nexus 8 into a slightly unusual size, that will mean a new selection of specific to fit cases and covers. Typically the most options for case products was in the 7-inch variety. If the Nexus 8 becomes 8.9-inches or something around that size, then you’re going to have to be careful what you’re buying. Hopefully this time Google will roll out some accessories a bit faster than they did with the launch of the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets. Very few “offical” accessories came and most of them were quite late.

We expect there to be the usual case manufacturers with Nexus 8 products available at launch. Most of the other Nexus branded tablets have been big sellers so there should be plenty of selection and cheap prices. We expect to see prices for Nexus 8 cases starting at around $10. Official accessories cost a bit more but what you pay extra in cost, you are getting better quality and longer lasting accessories in general. Read lots of customer reviews and see what past experience has been. In general people want something basic and usually the best sellers are some of the cheapest cases on the market. That’s just the way that it is.

So with a likely launch of the Nexus 8 at the end of June, early July, we should get a better idea of what’s available. We will post the most popular Nexus 8 case products along with deals and shopping options. If you’re actually looking to upgrade your old tablet, the Nexus 8 will be a good choice. Based on this apparent image of the tablet, it has front facing speakers and will apparently feature a 64-bit processor by Nvidia. That means it will be fast and should be fast enough for a few years before getting outdated.


 Top Rated 8-inch Tablet Case By Customers on

Here is the most popular case on that fits 8-inch tablets on It’s from Case Logic and the model is TS-108. You can buy it from $10 to $15. This would be classified as a “sleeve” case because it’s something you can slip the tablet into and it also has a handy outer pouch for chargers or other personal items. Here are some nice photos.

case-logic-nexus-8-case-ts-108-002case-logic-nexus-8-case-ts-108-005 case-logic-nexus-8-case-ts-108-004 case-logic-nexus-8-case-ts-108-003

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kindle fire hd case cover 7 inch by amazon

Review of Amazon’s own Kindle Fire HD 7 case cover

Although there are a lot of various case makers, some people prefer to buy the same brand or official brand accessories. In the case of the Kindle Fire HD 7, Amazon does in fact have a pretty nice looking case. As is usual, it comes in a wide range of colors including: black, fushia, honey, ink blue, persimmon, and saddle tan. Keep in mind that this particular Kindle HD case is for the 7-inch tablet only. This Amazon branded Kindle Fire HD case is made of premium textured leather with a woven nylon interior. It has a magnetic clasp which means it will stay closed when you’re out and about. As we’ve seen with a lot of tablet cases, this Kindle Fire HD 7-inch cases will wake up the tablet when you open it. When you close the cover, it puts the tablet to sleep.

kindle fire hd case cover 7 inch by amazon

More details of the official Amazon case for the Kindle Fire HD tablet:

  • coloring include: onyx black, fuchsia (looks like pink), ink blue, persimmon (looks like orange), saddle tan, and honey (looks like yellow)
  • will wake up or put the Kindle Fire HD to sleep when opening or closing the case
  • there is a build-in stand so that you can easily watch movies or video conferencing hands-free
  • the case weighs 6.1 ounces
  • it has a magnetic clip which means it will be securely closed without worries

pink kindle fire hd case 7 inch

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surface case

Surface Case Cover Buying Guide

Update: We are already starting to see lots of cases and covers for the Surface tablet. This isn’t surprising because the pre order phase has just started and people will be looking for the best accessories. We will start reviews and providing you information on the top picks!

Casecrown Surface Cases and Covers

A top accessory producer is Casecrown. They really emerged with the popularity of netbooks and since then they have been making a wide selection of styles and colors or cases and covers for pretty much every computing device on the market.

surface case

The image above shows the Casecrown messenger style bag. They come in three colors and the black is not shown there but it is available. You can see that it is either the horizonal style (like the brown case) or verticle style (like the purple case). All colors are available for both vertical and horizontal styles. Although the list price is above $50, you can buy this Casecrown case for around $30.

Duragadget Cases and Sleeves

If you want a cheap option for covering your Surface tablet, Duragadget offer a good range of protective sleeve style cases. These are neoprene so they offer a layer of protection from drop and dings, plus they protect your Surface tablet from water and rain.

duragadget cases

The image above is a showcase of the various cases from Duragadget. If you notice the pink case, it’s actually reversible! You can make it pink or black depending on your mood. When I said these can be a cheap option, you can sometimes find these cases for as cheap as $10 online at places like!


Microsoft Surface tablet is the next big tablet coming to market. With this announcement will come the case and covers to market. It appears that there are two Microsoft made cases that will be available at launch. These are the Touch Cover and the Type Cover. They have in interesting attaching style and we’re not sure if this is a proprietary type mechanism or if other case manufacturers like Logitech will be able to make their own similar keyboard cases. It might be pretty hard to beat what Microsoft has come up with actually. Others might come in at a cheap price so that may push people away from the Microsoft product. Time will tell. With the stand built into the Surface tablet we don’t expect to see a lot of folio type adjustable stands. From the early looks I don’t see the Microsoft Surface tablet have that slightly elevated angle which you can get easily from the Apple smart covers. It would appear that other case makers could come up with a design that doesn’t include a keyboard and allows for a few more angles. That may be what we see in terms of accessories. We will update with prices of the standard (and possible bundled) Microsoft built Surface cover products. We do know that they will come in five different colors which seems to indicate that you would buy these separately. We didn’t get details on that from the Microsoft press event but we’re sure to find out about whether the case covers are a separate purchase or not. Here is an image which shows off the color selection available.

covers for microsoft surface tablet

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nexus 7 cases

Google Nexus 7 Cases and Covers – Complete Buying Guide and Deals

Update: We are still waiting for the official Nexus 7 case to be released. Until then, you can shop the most popular cases at here:

Shop the most popular Nexus 7 cases and covers on Click here.

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is a sure fire hit. A cheap price point, fantastic hardware and the backing of Google makes this a must have 7-inch tablet. With that said, everyone needs a Nexus 7 case or some sort. It’s hard to say, but Google won’t be like Apple with their own covers and cases like the iPad smart cover. This leaves the selection wide open as companies like Targus, Caselogic and others to scramble for the best design. Tablet covers are essential and choosing the right one is important.

The most popular the tablet, the more variety of cases. The Nexus 7 is being unveiled at the Google I/O conference at the end of June. The tech world will be buzzing at it’s expected to be the cheapest tablet on the market with the best hardware and specs. It’s expected to rely heavily on the Google Cloud which means very little onboard storage. This will allow for a cheap price point.

A few tips to consider when shopping for Nexus 7 cases. Decide if you care about bulk. Bulky cases protect the tablet from drops but then again they take away from the thinness and portability of the tablet. Ask yourself how likely you are to drop your Nexus 7 and from there, decide if a drop is unlikely. If you have kids, then a bulky Nexus 7 case or cover makes sense. I always say that if the tablet is thin and light, why would you want to bulk it up making it almost twice as thick because of the case?

Also consider functionality. Most cases offer some form of viewing angles. One of the best tablet cases that I’ve seen or used is the HP TouchPad official case. It offers the functions you want, with the protection, and without the added bulk. A simply tuck under style case is the best bet.

I would also look at other versions of the same Google Nexus 7 case. If the case is made for a 10-inch tablet then consider customer comments about that particular case. If the manufacturer like Targus has simply reduced the size from 10-inch to 7-inch, then it’s easy to see how satisfied the customers are with the design and build quality.

The image below is the new Google Nexus 7 case which is a Google product for sale on Google Play store. It’s $19 US and will be available soon.

nexus 7 cases


google nexus 7 case

official nexus 7 case cover

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Is a tablet keyboard case the best tablet accessory?

We know that a tablet case is pretty much the #1 most desired tablet accessory. There has been some really neat innovations which you are familiar with. Every tablet case offers different viewing angles. There are a few now that come with a keyboard built in. We are calling this new generation of tablet cases the “keyboard case”. We think that the keyboard case accessory is going to be growing in options and manufacturers.

We have seen Logitech pump out some amazing tablet accessories. Their most recent accessssory is a keyboard case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s about $100 US but it has amazing build quality and as the name suggests, there is a keyboard that comes with it! Check out some screenshots below and you can see the official product page here at Logitech’s website.

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Thrive Case – Official Toshiba Thrive Case

Update June 13, 2011 – Wow the time has arrived! You can now get a Toshiba Thrive case from! There are 2 different models available and here are the links:

Toshiba Thrive Portfolio 360 Case for 10.1-Inch Tablet (PA1495U-1TWC) –

Toshiba Portfolio Case for Tablet (PA3945U-1EAB) –


Since the Toshiba Thrive tablet was just officially announced today, we’ve seen some of the cool Thrive accessories start to emerge online. Without question a tablet case is a top priority. It makes sense because a tablet needs to have versatile settings for various tilting angles.

Here we are looking at the official Toshiba Thrive case slash folio. It looks to be a Thrive case made of leather but we don’t have those details just yet. Coming soon everyone! Here are some more Toshiba Thrive case photos! Pricing coming soon folks!

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Thrive Case – Thrive Cases – Best Thrive Case?

We are definitely starting our full wave of discussion about upcoming Thrive accessories. The #1 selling tablet accessory is a tablet case. We’ve just discovered what looks to be an official Toshiba Thrive case. In the image about, the Folio case is selling for $39.99 which is about standard for a table case. We haven’t seen any other photos of it, but we suspect it has the typical mutiple fold design to allow for easy tablet typing. If the Thrive turns out to be the main competitor to the iPad, then expect to see a massive selection of Thrive case accessories shortly after the Toshiba tablet release. Is it better to buy the official Toshiba tablet case or is it better to go with the masters of the tablet case such as Case Logic and others? Time will tell. A tablet case is a real personal choice. I find this interesting though, if your Thrive tablet is wrapped up in a case, you won’t be able to show off that amazing colorful Thrive backcover.

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