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kindle fire hd case cover 7 inch by amazon

Review of Amazon’s own Kindle Fire HD 7 case cover

Although there are a lot of various case makers, some people prefer to buy the same brand or official brand accessories. In the case of the Kindle Fire HD 7, Amazon does in fact have a pretty nice looking case. As is usual, it comes in a wide range of colors including: black, fushia, honey, ink blue, persimmon, and saddle tan. Keep in mind that this particular Kindle HD case is for the 7-inch tablet only. This Amazon branded Kindle Fire HD case is made of premium textured leather with a woven nylon interior. It has a magnetic clasp which means it will stay closed when you’re out and about. As we’ve seen with a lot of tablet cases, this Kindle Fire HD 7-inch cases will wake up the tablet when you open it. When you close the cover, it puts the tablet to sleep.

kindle fire hd case cover 7 inch by amazon

More details of the official Amazon case for the Kindle Fire HD tablet:

  • coloring include: onyx black, fuchsia (looks like pink), ink blue, persimmon (looks like orange), saddle tan, and honey (looks like yellow)
  • will wake up or put the Kindle Fire HD to sleep when opening or closing the case
  • there is a build-in stand so that you can easily watch movies or video conferencing hands-free
  • the case weighs 6.1 ounces
  • it has a magnetic clip which means it will be securely closed without worries

pink kindle fire hd case 7 inch

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kindle fire hd 7 inch cases

Kindle Fire HD 7″ Case and Accessories Buying Guide

We can now confirm that the Kindle Fire HD 7 cases will NOT be the same as the original Kindle Fire cases. As they are saying on, “does not fit Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD 8.9”). So if you are shopping for a case for your new Kindle Fire HD 7, you need the specific case for that exact model. Please be careful!

We love new tablet and especially new tablet sizes. Amazon has shaken up their Kindle Fire tablet accessories because now they need all new accessories and cases for their 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. So for us that means new cases to show off. We are just learning about the Kindle Fire HD and will have updates soon! For now, starting September 14 you can get the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch model. You’re safe there for original Kindle Fire tablet accessories. This makes our job a bit easier for now, but come November 20, there will be a huge number of new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 accessories and cases.

kindle fire hd 7 inch case

kindle fire hd 7 case

kindle fire hd cases for 7 inch tablet

Marware also make some certified “Made for Kindle” fitted cases for the Kindle Fire HD 7. Marware make a great selection of colors including: black, orange, pink, purple or silver. This particular case is called the Marware MicroShell Folio lightweight standing case.

kindle fire hd 7 inch case

7" kindle fire hd case

One of the most popular cases for the original Kindle Fire was this designer looking case from Lightwedge. It’s part of their Verso accessories line. This particular case featured in the image above is the Prologue Antique case. It’s well made, looks great and is unique looking from a lot of cases that are on the market. This was VERY highly regarded and a best seller for the Kindle Fire original tablet. Definitely worth considering for your new Kindle Fire HD tablet.

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