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Nexus 8 Case and Cover Options – Deals – Best Sellers

There has been a lot of discussion about Google’s Nexus 8. Will they or won’t they? It appears that yes, it’s time to consider some Nexus 8 case reviews and ideas. If indeed Google has taken the Nexus 8 into a slightly unusual size, that will mean a new selection of specific to fit cases and covers. Typically the most options for case products was in the 7-inch variety. If the Nexus 8 becomes 8.9-inches or something around that size, then you’re going to have to be careful what you’re buying. Hopefully this time Google will roll out some accessories a bit faster than they did with the launch of the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets. Very few “offical” accessories came and most of them were quite late.

We expect there to be the usual case manufacturers with Nexus 8 products available at launch. Most of the other Nexus branded tablets have been big sellers so there should be plenty of selection and cheap prices. We expect to see prices for Nexus 8 cases starting at around $10. Official accessories cost a bit more but what you pay extra in cost, you are getting better quality and longer lasting accessories in general. Read lots of customer reviews and see what past experience has been. In general people want something basic and usually the best sellers are some of the cheapest cases on the market. That’s just the way that it is.

So with a likely launch of the Nexus 8 at the end of June, early July, we should get a better idea of what’s available. We will post the most popular Nexus 8 case products along with deals and shopping options. If you’re actually looking to upgrade your old tablet, the Nexus 8 will be a good choice. Based on this apparent image of the tablet, it has front facing speakers and will apparently feature a 64-bit processor by Nvidia. That means it will be fast and should be fast enough for a few years before getting outdated.


 Top Rated 8-inch Tablet Case By Customers on

Here is the most popular case on that fits 8-inch tablets on It’s from Case Logic and the model is TS-108. You can buy it from $10 to $15. This would be classified as a “sleeve” case because it’s something you can slip the tablet into and it also has a handy outer pouch for chargers or other personal items. Here are some nice photos.

case-logic-nexus-8-case-ts-108-002case-logic-nexus-8-case-ts-108-005 case-logic-nexus-8-case-ts-108-004 case-logic-nexus-8-case-ts-108-003

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Dock for Nexus 10 tablet shows up in Google Android video

Even though the 7-inch Nexus 7 has been out for a while, we’re still really waiting on the official accessories like a basic or not so basic dock station. Those of you who bought or are buying the Nexus 10 can rejoice because Google just showed off a dock for the Nexus 10 in a recent Christmas promo video. No, the dock isn’t the focus of the video but it does clearly show it. There isn’t a price or exact release date mentioned anywhere just yet. With enough people getting a Nexus 10 for a gift, I imagine Google won’t want to wait long before releasing a bevy of accessories such as this dock. Here is the video:

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mini cases

Complete iPad mini Cases and Covers Shopping Guide

mini cases

Update: There is an official new smart cover for the mini iPad. It does not have the metal hinge, will come also in red, and will sell for $39.

Apple has just unveiled the iPad mini! It’s amazing so far and this announcement is going to see a new era of iPad accessories. We aren’t complaining folks! The fact is there will be a completely new accessory line-up for this 7-inch Apple tablet. It’s precisely 7.9-inches to be exact.

mini smart covers

We are just awaiting the official iPad mini accessories to show up on the Apple site, but expect those today. My guess would be the traditional smart covers which have been made for the original 10-inch models. Beyond that, we will have to see. New docks that’s for sure. We have to wait and see if the accessories for other 7-inch tablets will be compatible or not. The concern there is that it’s not exactly 7-inches, but rather a 7.9-inch tablet. That could make a difference whether a case will actually fit properly or not. My guess is that the mini iPad will not actually fit other current 7-inch cases. I imagine that Apple realizes more money for them if their sizing doesn’t line up with products already on the market.

ipad mini covers

mini apple ipad

(updates coming today)


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4th generation ipad

iPad 4 Cases and Covers Buying Guide

4th generation ipad

Nobody was expecting another iPad so soon but it’s coming. A new iPad, call it the 4th generation, has just been announced. The good news is that it’s going to fit existing iPad 3 cases and covers. We are following the Apple event so perhaps more news and details are coming.

ipad 4 smart cover cases

Here is the selection of iPad 4 smart covers. To the left are the polyuethane for $39 and to the right side are the leather covers which sell for $69.

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Google Nexus 10 Cases and Cover Buying Guide

Update 3: It’s official and it’s amazing. $399 and it has the highest resolution display in the world right now.

Update 2: As of Oct 26th, another juicy Nexus 10 leak. How about a photo of the tablet and a pretty detailed list of specs? Yes it’s true. I’m guessing Google doesn’t mind the publicity to take a bit of limelight off the Surface and Windows 8 party. See the photo and details here.

Update: Certainly this leak has virtually confirmed that indeed the Nexus 10 is just a few days away from seeing the light of day. There are new leaked photos from an apparent users manual. The key is whether it’s legit, and heck it sure looks like a real owners manual to me. The other juicy tidbit is that the diagram clearly shows Samsung logo on the back of the device. This may very well be shown at the upcoming Google event next week. It’s clear that Google is not a Microsoft fanboy and having a juicy leak like this happening on the same day as the Windows 8 launch? Let’s just say it’s not coincidence in my opinion. I’m sure Google is fine with this one! Regard Nexus 10 cases, have a look at the small image below. That does look like a rather unique form factor and I’m suggesting that an entirely new line of covers and cases will be needed for this tablet. It’s just a hunch on my part. I’m sure Samsung will be given the accessories rights in a similar way that Asus has the accessories for the Nexus 7.

News has emerged about the existence of a Nexus 10 today. There has been a Picasa image that was uploaded and identified as coming from a Nexus 10. There isn’t any more details than that so far but it’s clear that it’s coming. There was some debate about whether Asus or Samsung was producing this new 10-inch Nexus tablet, but my sense is that Asus has made this with Google. The Samsung rumors indicate a 10-inch tablet from Asus which has an incredible HD display that is even better than the iPad 3 display. My feeling is that the technology discussed in the Samsung model would be coming at a later date, perhaps next year. That may turn out to be a Nexus 10 HD or something similar. I just think it’s too early for a high end tablet and that Google will shock the world with a cheap 10-inch tablet which will be co-branded with Asus. Heck it may even be a Nexus Transformer for all we know. The Nexus 10 may end up being shown off at the Google event in late October 2012. If that’s the case (no pun intended) then it may go on sale that day.

We’re here to cover the best cases and tablets for the upcoming Nexus 10. It’s unclear whether this tablet will be compatible with existing 10-inch cases and covers that exist on the market. My guess is yes. However, based on the Nexus 7 situation, there will be a case that is essentially form fitted to the model exactly. For that Nexus 10 cases you will be getting the official products of Asus and Google. Expect the accessories to be cheap to keep in line with the price of the tablet.

variety of cases for nexus 10 tablet

Official Samsung Nexus 10 Cases:

Update: We are just learning a bit more about a flip cover for the Nexus 10. It was actually shown off today in the hands-on videos so definitely it’s an official accessory. Color wise we’ve only seen this cover in orange and in gray. It appears to clip into the back of the tablet somehow and provides basic covering of the display. It doesn’t appear to have a multiple angle use but perhaps there will be variations on the cover.

It’s not clear how the official accessories are going to be dealt with. The Nexus 7 situation had Asus dealing with the cases and covers. I am guessing that the same arrangement will happen with the Samsung and Google arrangement. As you may know, Samsung already has a couple 10-inch tablets on the market with official accessories for them. Will these simply work with the Nexus 10 or will there be an entirely new line-up? Stay tuned. Here are some of the current Samsung cases for the Galaxy tablets. We will update as we get word and or photos of newly updated compatible accessories.

Keyboard Cases:

The full range of accessories for the Nexus 10 are not yet widely available. It’s not clear what modifications the case manufacturers will need to make in order to make other 10-inch cases compatible. Certainly one style that is very popular is the keyboard cases. Have no fear there are plenty of options for Android bases keyboard cases. We will take a closer look at the options out there and provide you with some of the best on the market. Take a peek at some of these existing keyboard cases such as this one from Kensington. It’s around $99 for this version but keep in mind that it’s opens up your tablet experience to a more productive session because of the Bluetooth keyboard. Definitely worth considering.

Features of the KeyFolio Expert Folio & Keyboard

• Multi angle adjustable stand allows you to create content anywhere
• Adjusts from low-angle position to working on your lap
• Micro-Suction technology allows universal compatibility with Android and Windows 7 tablets
• Supports either landscape or portrait viewing
• One-touch pairing Bluetooth® keyboard delivers seamless operation
• Tactile keyboard with high-performance keys optimized for touch typist
• Compact and light folio with magnetic closure folds flat for in case use

keyboard case from kensington

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Is it iPad Reader case, Mini cover, or iReader cases?

The news hit the tech world today as Apple is having a launch event this coming Tuesday October 23rd. The invitation has the words “We’ve got a little more to show you,” so you know it’s a 7-inch tablet from Apple. Engadget speculates about it here. As with all things Apple, it’s going to sell huge and will be amazing. There will be a flood of new accessories including many different case and covers. It’s going to be 7.85 inches if you listen to the conventional wisdom out there. Nobody knows and it’s all speculation right now. It’s a guessing game whether it’s the iPad Mini, iPad Reader, or even possibly iReader. In the past Apple hasn’t gone with the suggested product naming and this mini iPad launch will be likely no different. Who knows, maybe they are just going to call this a new iPad that is 7 inches. The fact is new exciting accessories will be flooding the market for this new device soon. We’re excited and will be assembling the best cases and covers so that you can choose what fits your style and budget. Join us in the coming weeks!

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nook hd+ cases and covers

Nook HD+ Covers and Case Reviews

The larger Barnes & Noble tablet is the Nook HD+. It’s a 9-inch tablet which means all new covers and cases! This is a new size tablet for B&N but that didn’t stop them from assembling a nice selection of cases. Breaking the covers down, essentially you can a traditional cover style or you can get a stand cover. The stand cover is a great option and I find that the similar designed stand case for the HP TouchPad was fantastic. Aside from design, you have the full range of styles and color available. These are on pre-order right now and range from around $20 all the way to $40. We are getting more reviews and photos on this page dedicated to helping you pick the best Nook HD+ covers that fits your style and budget. Important to note that you need to ensure you’re getting a Nook HD+ compatible case. Any 9-inch tablet case won’t likely work. We will help you sort through the various options but just be aware of the size issues when dealing with non B&N covers and cases.

nook hd+ cases and covers

red color nook hd+ cover

variety of nook hd+ cases and covers

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nook hd covers and cases

Nook HD Covers and Case – Ultimate Buying Guide

Wow we love these new tablet announcements! Just recently the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, now we have the Barnes & Noble Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets. You know what that means? It’s Nook HD covers and case buying guide time! We are just getting pictures organized, but for now here is a sneak peak at some of the best cases for the Nook HD tablet so far! Pricing? You can pay as little as around $24 or you can spend around $35 for the Nook HD covers that are higher quality designer styles. With the long history with Barnes & Noble in the ereader and recent tablet market, they have a great selection already. These covers and cases are simply modified to fit the Nook HD. As you would expect, these covers allow you to prop up your Nook HD for watching movies and for hands-free use. Many more coming up so stay tuned folks!

nook hd covers and cases

barnes & noble nook hd covers and cases

covers for nook hd tablet

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tabeo case

Tabeo Case, Cover and Accessories – Reviews and Deals

tabeo case

The tablet announcements keep on coming! This time it’s Toys R Us with their own and exclusive kids tablet named tabeo. We haven’t heard or seen any tabeo case or covers, but I’m sure that Toys R Us has plenty of accessories coming in the near future. Let this be your “go to” post for all the accessories for the tabeo tablet.

Being that this is a kids tablet, we are hoping for some rubberized cases. In addition to that, hopefully Toys R Us or another company like Zagg produces a screen protector. I would expect that to be a must have purchase for a kids tablet.

With the size and dimensions of the tabeo (7-inch), you might expect some other cases to fit. I’m not so sure about that and I would hold off buying a third party case until it’s clear about fitting properly. The tabeo is only going to be sold through Toys R Us so it’s possible that they will control all aspects of the cases and accessories and that you will have to go through their site to buy anything. The tablet itself was just announced so we will have more details in the near future.

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kindle fire hd case cover 7 inch by amazon

Review of Amazon’s own Kindle Fire HD 7 case cover

Although there are a lot of various case makers, some people prefer to buy the same brand or official brand accessories. In the case of the Kindle Fire HD 7, Amazon does in fact have a pretty nice looking case. As is usual, it comes in a wide range of colors including: black, fushia, honey, ink blue, persimmon, and saddle tan. Keep in mind that this particular Kindle HD case is for the 7-inch tablet only. This Amazon branded Kindle Fire HD case is made of premium textured leather with a woven nylon interior. It has a magnetic clasp which means it will stay closed when you’re out and about. As we’ve seen with a lot of tablet cases, this Kindle Fire HD 7-inch cases will wake up the tablet when you open it. When you close the cover, it puts the tablet to sleep.

kindle fire hd case cover 7 inch by amazon

More details of the official Amazon case for the Kindle Fire HD tablet:

  • coloring include: onyx black, fuchsia (looks like pink), ink blue, persimmon (looks like orange), saddle tan, and honey (looks like yellow)
  • will wake up or put the Kindle Fire HD to sleep when opening or closing the case
  • there is a build-in stand so that you can easily watch movies or video conferencing hands-free
  • the case weighs 6.1 ounces
  • it has a magnetic clip which means it will be securely closed without worries

pink kindle fire hd case 7 inch

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kindle fire hd 7 inch cases

Kindle Fire HD 7″ Case and Accessories Buying Guide

We can now confirm that the Kindle Fire HD 7 cases will NOT be the same as the original Kindle Fire cases. As they are saying on, “does not fit Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD 8.9”). So if you are shopping for a case for your new Kindle Fire HD 7, you need the specific case for that exact model. Please be careful!

We love new tablet and especially new tablet sizes. Amazon has shaken up their Kindle Fire tablet accessories because now they need all new accessories and cases for their 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. So for us that means new cases to show off. We are just learning about the Kindle Fire HD and will have updates soon! For now, starting September 14 you can get the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch model. You’re safe there for original Kindle Fire tablet accessories. This makes our job a bit easier for now, but come November 20, there will be a huge number of new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 accessories and cases.

kindle fire hd 7 inch case

kindle fire hd 7 case

kindle fire hd cases for 7 inch tablet

Marware also make some certified “Made for Kindle” fitted cases for the Kindle Fire HD 7. Marware make a great selection of colors including: black, orange, pink, purple or silver. This particular case is called the Marware MicroShell Folio lightweight standing case.

kindle fire hd 7 inch case

7" kindle fire hd case

One of the most popular cases for the original Kindle Fire was this designer looking case from Lightwedge. It’s part of their Verso accessories line. This particular case featured in the image above is the Prologue Antique case. It’s well made, looks great and is unique looking from a lot of cases that are on the market. This was VERY highly regarded and a best seller for the Kindle Fire original tablet. Definitely worth considering for your new Kindle Fire HD tablet.

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kobo arc case

Kobo Arc Cases – Buying Guide and Deals

Update: The Kobo Arc has finally passed through the FCC which means that it’s actually about ready to come to market. We were a bit early, but it looks like the wait is over. Expect to see the Arc sometime in November for a nice price. The Kobo Arc features a 7 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel IPS display, a 1.5 GHz TI OMAP 4470 dual core processor, 802.11n WiFi, and a 1.3MP front-facing camera.

When a new tablet hits the market it’s time to talk cases. You really can’t have a tablet without a case. The newly announced Kobo Arc is $199 and most likely will be a decent selling tablet based on the specs we’ve seen. Given that, we want to showcase some of the most popular Arc cases. For the most part you can shop for any 7-inch tablet case. Given the popularity of the Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet, there are many many cases to choose from. One consideration is that you most likely want a case that won’t add bulk. A thick bulky case will make that ultraportable 7-inch tablet not so portable. We’ve just learned that Kobo will be having their own accessories which include a replaceable back cover which comes in blue or purple. We are getting details on these back covers and whether they will double as a sufficient case for your Kobo Arc.

We are in the process of adding various Kobo Arc cases. Stay tuned.

kobo arc case

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tablet accessories

Nexus 7 Accessories – A Guide To The Must Have Accessories

tablet accessories

Update: News has broke that an official Nexus 7 dock is coming for $40. It will be branded from Asus and will provide a decent dock and charge option. It has only a 3.5mm audio out for external speakers or headphones. Nothing overly fancy but it does give some added usefulness to your Nexus 7 while is having to charge. Check it out at B&H.

The soon to be best selling 7-inch tablet got unveiled today by Google. The Nexus 7 tablet is cheap at just $199 for the 8GB model which means it’s going to sell fast and furious. Remember how well that cheap Kindle Fire sold? Expect the same from the Google Nexus 7. With the influx of Google tablets, we know there is a high demand on Nexus 7 accessories. It was the same way with the Kindle Fire tablet. Tablet accessories are much more than just cases and covers. There are many ways you will be able to customize the look and feel of your Nexus 7 tablet. It might take a month before a lot of Nexus 7 specific accessories hit the market but be assured they are coming. Expect cheap options also and the increased competition will simply mean better and cheaper prices for you. So stay tuned as we update this post. This will be your one stop place to find the best and hottest selling Nexus 7 accessories. Stay tuned everyone!

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surface type cover accessories

Surface Type Cover Review

surface type cover accessories

One aspect missing from most tablets is a quality typing experience. The Microsoft Surface tablet has the Type Cover which offers an enhanced typing experience for those who want something better. The best aspect of the Type Cover is that it’s thin and has a more response than the Touch Cover. If you’re needing productivity with MS Office or extensive writing then the Surface Type Cover is your best choice. As more reviews and details are known we will be updating. We expect there to be a lot of hands-on video and updated photos of this new and exciting Surface keyboard cover. We’re not sure that it’s going to get better than this!

USA Shop Now: USA – In Stock – Official Microsoft Store – Surface Type Cover – $129.99icon

Specifications and Details of the Surface Type Cover:

  • Costs $129.99 in the USA, $139.99 in Canada, and £ 109.99 in the UK
  • Can be used on either the Surface RT or Surface Pro tablets
  • Only available in black color so far
  • Will shut down the Surfact tablet display when closed
  • Works as a screen cover
  • Has Function keys from F1 to F12
  • Is only 6mm thick

Type Cover vs. Touch Cover – How fast can you type?

Of course you will like to know how big of a difference a Surface type cover provides when it comes to typing speed. You may not be a speed typist, but using a comparison between various keyboards will give you a good idea of which is easiest to use. Ease of use means a faster WPM or words per minute. Given that thought, I can tell you that based on an interview with a Microsoft employee, the type cover is impressive. This isn’t an exact test and it’s not me doing the testing or reviewing of the quality. That said, the Mircosoft employee could perform 50 WPM on a similar sized laptop keyboard. On the touch cover, he could do 50 WPM and on the type cover he could do 62 WPM. Forget about the exact WPM, but look at which one the person performed the best on. Yes, the type cover far exceeded both other keyboards. This should provide you some comfort in knowing that the type cover is indeed a quality keyboard and will provide a good user experience.

Alternatives to the Type Cover:

Perhaps you want to spend less money on a case for your Surface. If that’s true and you have regrets later, you can also look at another official Microsoft accessory which won’t tie you solely into the tablet.  You might look at the Wedge Mobile Keyboard which is an all-in-one portable solution. It’s a bluetooth keyboard for starters which means it can be used on any Bluetooth enabled device. Perhaps you have other brand tablets in your household. If that’s true, then this keyboard will work just fine with those. Beyond that, the Wedge Mobile Keyboard is compact and very mobile. The cover for the keyboard can be used as a tablet stand while you’re using the keyboard. It’s a nifty concept honestly. The price? You’re looking at around $80 to buy it so that’s quite affordable in comparison to the Type Cover which is ultimate single purpose.


surface tablet keyboard case

[Click On Image To Enlarge]
A closer look at the official Surface Type Cover. It’s a keyboard case for the Surface in other words. The fact is it’s very thin. Notice the side profile image to the right side. This is a big advancement for tablet keyboard cases no doubt about it.

keyboard case for the microsoft surface tablet

[Click On Image To Enlarge]

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