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Official Asus TriCover for Fonepad 7


We’ve seen a brand new advertisement for the new updated model of the Asus Fonepad. Within that video is a sample of the new TriCover, which they describe as being a “dual-stance cover for convenient reading and typing positions”. It’s available in black, white or orange.


9 Responses to “Official Asus TriCover for Fonepad 7”

  1. Devendra mohan says:

    From where I can buy this product?

  2. Gajanan chougule says:

    I want 1 piece

  3. Brij says:

    I am looking for an original flip cover for fonepad 7. Kindly give the price quotation, pictures and the address of the vendor from where I need to purchase.
    Thanks for the help in advance.

  4. Amber Bhatnagar says:

    I want to purchase a cover for my Asus fonepad 7

  5. kapil tolambiya says:

    plz tell me price of this product
    i want to buy this cover for my fonpad 7

  6. Santhosh says:

    What is the price of this cover ??

  7. shobhitas says:

    I need this product , but it doesn’t seem available except on ebay, kindly let me know where else can i buy the tricover for asus fonepad 7(orange specifically)

  8. ADHIL AHMED says:

    Hi, I want to Purchase Asus fonepad 7 cover said above add.

  9. Nisha says:

    whats the price?


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