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Update 3: It’s official and it’s amazing. $399 and it has the highest resolution display in the world right now.

Update 2: As of Oct 26th, another juicy Nexus 10 leak. How about a photo of the tablet and a pretty detailed list of specs? Yes it’s true. I’m guessing Google doesn’t mind the publicity to take a bit of limelight off the Surface and Windows 8 party. See the photo and details here.

Update: Certainly this leak has virtually confirmed that indeed the Nexus 10 is just a few days away from seeing the light of day. There are new leaked photos from an apparent users manual. The key is whether it’s legit, and heck it sure looks like a real owners manual to me. The other juicy tidbit is that the diagram clearly shows Samsung logo on the back of the device. This may very well be shown at the upcoming Google event next week. It’s clear that Google is not a Microsoft fanboy and having a juicy leak like this happening on the same day as the Windows 8 launch? Let’s just say it’s not coincidence in my opinion. I’m sure Google is fine with this one! Regard Nexus 10 cases, have a look at the small image below. That does look like a rather unique form factor and I’m suggesting that an entirely new line of covers and cases will be needed for this tablet. It’s just a hunch on my part. I’m sure Samsung will be given the accessories rights in a similar way that Asus has the accessories for the Nexus 7.

News has emerged about the existence of a Nexus 10 today. There has been a Picasa image that was uploaded and identified as coming from a Nexus 10. There isn’t any more details than that so far but it’s clear that it’s coming. There was some debate about whether Asus or Samsung was producing this new 10-inch Nexus tablet, but my sense is that Asus has made this with Google. The Samsung rumors indicate a 10-inch tablet from Asus which has an incredible HD display that is even better than the iPad 3 display. My feeling is that the technology discussed in the Samsung model would be coming at a later date, perhaps next year. That may turn out to be a Nexus 10 HD or something similar. I just think it’s too early for a high end tablet and that Google will shock the world with a cheap 10-inch tablet which will be co-branded with Asus. Heck it may even be a Nexus Transformer for all we know. The Nexus 10 may end up being shown off at the Google event in late October 2012. If that’s the case (no pun intended) then it may go on sale that day.

We’re here to cover the best cases and tablets for the upcoming Nexus 10. It’s unclear whether this tablet will be compatible with existing 10-inch cases and covers that exist on the market. My guess is yes. However, based on the Nexus 7 situation, there will be a case that is essentially form fitted to the model exactly. For that Nexus 10 cases you will be getting the official products of Asus and Google. Expect the accessories to be cheap to keep in line with the price of the tablet.

variety of cases for nexus 10 tablet

Official Samsung Nexus 10 Cases:

Update: We are just learning a bit more about a flip cover for the Nexus 10. It was actually shown off today in the hands-on videos so definitely it’s an official accessory. Color wise we’ve only seen this cover in orange and in gray. It appears to clip into the back of the tablet somehow and provides basic covering of the display. It doesn’t appear to have a multiple angle use but perhaps there will be variations on the cover.

It’s not clear how the official accessories are going to be dealt with. The Nexus 7 situation had Asus dealing with the cases and covers. I am guessing that the same arrangement will happen with the Samsung and Google arrangement. As you may know, Samsung already has a couple 10-inch tablets on the market with official accessories for them. Will these simply work with the Nexus 10 or will there be an entirely new line-up? Stay tuned. Here are some of the current Samsung cases for the Galaxy tablets. We will update as we get word and or photos of newly updated compatible accessories.

Keyboard Cases:

The full range of accessories for the Nexus 10 are not yet widely available. It’s not clear what modifications the case manufacturers will need to make in order to make other 10-inch cases compatible. Certainly one style that is very popular is the keyboard cases. Have no fear there are plenty of options for Android bases keyboard cases. We will take a closer look at the options out there and provide you with some of the best on the market. Take a peek at some of these existing keyboard cases such as this one from Kensington. It’s around $99 for this version but keep in mind that it’s opens up your tablet experience to a more productive session because of the Bluetooth keyboard. Definitely worth considering.

Features of the KeyFolio Expert Folio & Keyboard

• Multi angle adjustable stand allows you to create content anywhere
• Adjusts from low-angle position to working on your lap
• Micro-Suction technology allows universal compatibility with Android and Windows 7 tablets
• Supports either landscape or portrait viewing
• One-touch pairing Bluetooth® keyboard delivers seamless operation
• Tactile keyboard with high-performance keys optimized for touch typist
• Compact and light folio with magnetic closure folds flat for in case use

keyboard case from kensington

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