Complete iPad mini Cases and Covers Shopping Guide

mini cases

mini cases

Update: There is an official new smart cover for the mini iPad. It does not have the metal hinge, will come also in red, and will sell for $39.

Apple has just unveiled the iPad mini! It’s amazing so far and this announcement is going to see a new era of iPad accessories. We aren’t complaining folks! The fact is there will be a completely new accessory line-up for this 7-inch Apple tablet. It’s precisely 7.9-inches to be exact.

mini smart covers

We are just awaiting the official iPad mini accessories to show up on the Apple site, but expect those today. My guess would be the traditional smart covers which have been made for the original 10-inch models. Beyond that, we will have to see. New docks that’s for sure. We have to wait and see if the accessories for other 7-inch tablets will be compatible or not. The concern there is that it’s not exactly 7-inches, but rather a 7.9-inch tablet. That could make a difference whether a case will actually fit properly or not. My guess is that the mini iPad will not actually fit other current 7-inch cases. I imagine that Apple realizes more money for them if their sizing doesn’t line up with products already on the market.

ipad mini covers

mini apple ipad

(updates coming today)


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