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Tabeo Case, Cover and Accessories – Reviews and Deals

tabeo case

tabeo case

The tablet announcements keep on coming! This time it’s Toys R Us with their own and exclusive kids tablet named tabeo. We haven’t heard or seen any tabeo case or covers, but I’m sure that Toys R Us has plenty of accessories coming in the near future. Let this be your “go to” post for all the accessories for the tabeo tablet.

Being that this is a kids tablet, we are hoping for some rubberized cases. In addition to that, hopefully Toys R Us or another company like Zagg produces a screen protector. I would expect that to be a must have purchase for a kids tablet.

With the size and dimensions of the tabeo (7-inch), you might expect some other cases to fit. I’m not so sure about that and I would hold off buying a third party case until it’s clear about fitting properly. The tabeo is only going to be sold through Toys R Us so it’s possible that they will control all aspects of the cases and accessories and that you will have to go through their site to buy anything. The tablet itself was just announced so we will have more details in the near future.

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