Surface Type Cover Review

surface type cover accessories

surface type cover accessories

One aspect missing from most tablets is a quality typing experience. The Microsoft Surface tablet has the Type Cover which offers an enhanced typing experience for those who want something better. The best aspect of the Type Cover is that it’s thin and has a more response than the Touch Cover. If you’re needing productivity with MS Office or extensive writing then the Surface Type Cover is your best choice. As more reviews and details are known we will be updating. We expect there to be a lot of hands-on video and updated photos of this new and exciting Surface keyboard cover. We’re not sure that it’s going to get better than this!

USA Shop Now: USA – In Stock – Official Microsoft Store – Surface Type Cover – $129.99icon

Specifications and Details of the Surface Type Cover:

  • Costs $129.99 in the USA, $139.99 in Canada, and £ 109.99 in the UK
  • Can be used on either the Surface RT or Surface Pro tablets
  • Only available in black color so far
  • Will shut down the Surfact tablet display when closed
  • Works as a screen cover
  • Has Function keys from F1 to F12
  • Is only 6mm thick

Type Cover vs. Touch Cover – How fast can you type?

Of course you will like to know how big of a difference a Surface type cover provides when it comes to typing speed. You may not be a speed typist, but using a comparison between various keyboards will give you a good idea of which is easiest to use. Ease of use means a faster WPM or words per minute. Given that thought, I can tell you that based on an interview with a Microsoft employee, the type cover is impressive. This isn’t an exact test and it’s not me doing the testing or reviewing of the quality. That said, the Mircosoft employee could perform 50 WPM on a similar sized laptop keyboard. On the touch cover, he could do 50 WPM and on the type cover he could do 62 WPM. Forget about the exact WPM, but look at which one the person performed the best on. Yes, the type cover far exceeded both other keyboards. This should provide you some comfort in knowing that the type cover is indeed a quality keyboard and will provide a good user experience.

Alternatives to the Type Cover:

Perhaps you want to spend less money on a case for your Surface. If that’s true and you have regrets later, you can also look at another official Microsoft accessory which won’t tie you solely into the tablet.  You might look at the Wedge Mobile Keyboard which is an all-in-one portable solution. It’s a bluetooth keyboard for starters which means it can be used on any Bluetooth enabled device. Perhaps you have other brand tablets in your household. If that’s true, then this keyboard will work just fine with those. Beyond that, the Wedge Mobile Keyboard is compact and very mobile. The cover for the keyboard can be used as a tablet stand while you’re using the keyboard. It’s a nifty concept honestly. The price? You’re looking at around $80 to buy it so that’s quite affordable in comparison to the Type Cover which is ultimate single purpose.


surface tablet keyboard case

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A closer look at the official Surface Type Cover. It’s a keyboard case for the Surface in other words. The fact is it’s very thin. Notice the side profile image to the right side. This is a big advancement for tablet keyboard cases no doubt about it.

keyboard case for the microsoft surface tablet

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