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nexus 7 cases

Update: We are still waiting for the official Nexus 7 case to be released. Until then, you can shop the most popular cases at here:

Shop the most popular Nexus 7 cases and covers on Click here.

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is a sure fire hit. A cheap price point, fantastic hardware and the backing of Google makes this a must have 7-inch tablet. With that said, everyone needs a Nexus 7 case or some sort. It’s hard to say, but Google won’t be like Apple with their own covers and cases like the iPad smart cover. This leaves the selection wide open as companies like Targus, Caselogic and others to scramble for the best design. Tablet covers are essential and choosing the right one is important.

The most popular the tablet, the more variety of cases. The Nexus 7 is being unveiled at the Google I/O conference at the end of June. The tech world will be buzzing at it’s expected to be the cheapest tablet on the market with the best hardware and specs. It’s expected to rely heavily on the Google Cloud which means very little onboard storage. This will allow for a cheap price point.

A few tips to consider when shopping for Nexus 7 cases. Decide if you care about bulk. Bulky cases protect the tablet from drops but then again they take away from the thinness and portability of the tablet. Ask yourself how likely you are to drop your Nexus 7 and from there, decide if a drop is unlikely. If you have kids, then a bulky Nexus 7 case or cover makes sense. I always say that if the tablet is thin and light, why would you want to bulk it up making it almost twice as thick because of the case?

Also consider functionality. Most cases offer some form of viewing angles. One of the best tablet cases that I’ve seen or used is the HP TouchPad official case. It offers the functions you want, with the protection, and without the added bulk. A simply tuck under style case is the best bet.

I would also look at other versions of the same Google Nexus 7 case. If the case is made for a 10-inch tablet then consider customer comments about that particular case. If the manufacturer like Targus has simply reduced the size from 10-inch to 7-inch, then it’s easy to see how satisfied the customers are with the design and build quality.

The image below is the new Google Nexus 7 case which is a Google product for sale on Google Play store. It’s $19 US and will be available soon.

nexus 7 cases


google nexus 7 case

official nexus 7 case cover

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