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android keyboard official toshiba thrive accessories

Update 2: Finally we have an official Toshiba Thrive keyboard which is for the Android operating system! It is Bluetooth and has the extra keys you need and want for the Android operating system. Details are below!

Update: There is rumor about a Toshiba Thrive keyboard dock, but there is nothing officially announced. Right now if you want a keyboard, you’re going to have to get a bluetooth keyboard. When details of an actual Thrive keyboard dock come out, we’ll post details here.

There are a few suggestions for a Toshiba Thrive keyboard that we currently recommend. What should really direct your purchase is whether you have a case already or not. The reason being is that there are some amazing keyboard cases so that you get the best of both worlds. However it ultimately depends on your usage. If you’re looking for something for around the house only, then there are a few good quality and reasonable priced bluetooth keyboards for your Toshiba Thrive Android tablet. Remember the Android OS means you really want an Android tablet specific keyboard.

Shopping Options for Toshiba Thrive bluetooth keyboard:

New! Official Toshiba Tablet Keyboard – Includes Android operating system keys! Currently available from! Check current price from here!


android keyboard official toshiba thrive accessories

tablet keyboard accessories toshiba thrivetoshiba thrive tablet keyboard



Targus Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Tablets –

Logitech Toshiba Thrive Tablet Keyboard

Shopping: Logitech Tablet Keyboard from

We don’t think there are keyboards better than the Logitech as seen below. You get it all. See the diagram below to see exactly how this keyboard works as a stand.


Ā Kensington Toshiba Thrive Tablet Keyboard Case

If you haven’t yet got a case for your Toshiba Thrive, then we urge you to look at a keyboard case combo such as this Kensington Thrive keyboard case. You get a case plus a bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard is removable also which is an added bonus.

We are really excited about the upcoming release of the Toshiba Thrive tablet and the tablet accessories that will enhance the enjoyment of the tablet. So we’ve been digging through the early details for the Toshiba tablet and the possible Thrive accessories. If you haven’t noticed, we’re trying to list for you the most interesting upcoming Toshiba Thrive accessories.

So this leads up to a possible Toshiba Thrive keyboard. In the most recent official Toshiba tablet specifications, it clearly lists a “docking connector” as being part of the tablet. We also know from recent Toshiba Thrive “coming soon” details, that the Toshiba Thrive will ship with a Thrive dock as standard with the tablet purchase. That Toshiba tablet dock suggests you can use the tablet while it charges. Oh well, since it ships with the Thrive, we know there won’t be a big accessories market for them. As Toshiba says officially, “with the supplied power dock”.

But we also see that a Toshiba Thrive keyboard is really possible. We’ve seen a Asus tablet keyboard dock that converts the tablet into a netbook. Does the Toshiba Thrive keyboard also transform the tablet into a netbook? We strongly think so. Check this out again from the official Toshiba Thrive “coming soon” details: “Or transform your tablet into a complete workstation with our available HUB dock.” Certainly this indicates that a Toshiba Thrive keyboard dock is real and should be sold separately.

As we learn more in the coming weeks we will update with information on a possible Toshiba Thrive keyboard, apparently names the Toshiba Thrive HUB dock.

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  1. cyberpine says:

    it’s got a full size usb port. What heppens if you connect a regular usb port and mouse?


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