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Tablet Keyboard – Tablet Keyboard Dock – Are Tablet Docking Stations The Future?

We notice trends with some tablet accessories already. The Asus Transformer tablet has shown us that there is a big demand on tablet keyboard docks. Also just lately we’ve seen the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 line-up of accessories and guess what? Yes, there is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard docking station.

This trend may continue. If these tablet keyboard docking stations can increase the battery life of the tablet, such as the Asus Transformer does, then we think the tablet keyboard will become the must have of the tablet accessories.

It would appear so far that the tablet manufacturers are the only one producting these tablet keyboard docks. So it appears very propriatary in nature. If it remains that way, then you can expect to pay big prices on these tablet keyboards. The opportunity for tablet accessories would be if the connecting mechanism is generic or can be copied. We know there are patents on these types of connectors so the Logitech’s of the world may not have a chance to get in on the tablet keyboard dock station market.

Time will tell of course. Ultimately these tablet keyboard docking stations come at a high price and the way it is right now, we suspect some people may opt out of these and simply go with a netbook instead. As our promise to you, we will track the trend of tablet accessories for you. When something great comes along, we want to break the news to you first.

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